Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Impression of Sally Hansen Salon Effects (pic heavy)

Rather than "review" these at this time I'm giving my first impression.  I kinda failed applying these, so I can't technically give a good complete review on them.  But if you've read any of my previous review type posts, you know I'm not one to sugarcoat anything.  I'm not showing you my best work here and telling you these aren't difficult.

I did receive 3 packs of these nail polish strips for review and of course will always give you my honest opinion.  I received Blue Ice, Raise A Glass, and Cut It Out.  I let the kiddo pick which one I tried first and he chose Blue Ice.

There is a slight learning curve with these and I googled some tips and tricks before I applied them.  I still jacked it up.  If there's a possibility to mess something up, I'll figure out how to do just that.  LoL.

Anyway, here's what all was in the small box...

2 sealed packs of strips with 8 in each, step-by-step instructions, a small cuticle stick, and a mini file/buffer.

The first problem I ran into was getting the tab to break and I think that was mainly because once I removed both sides of the protective plastic off they were very pliable.

I started off with my pinky and chose the smallest one, but should've gone one size up.
Missed the side

Look, missed the other side too.  LoL

Cleaning the cuticle isn't an issue, but part of the strip stuck together in the middle of the tip.

I proceeded to go from finger to finger & somewhat got the hang of it, and then messed up again.

OMG, my cuticles look horrible.  In the pic above, you can see where the strip attached to itself again on my ring finger and I missed an edge on my thumb because the strip twisted a bit as I was applying it.

See, totally missed that side.

attatched to itself in the middle tip

missed a side on my ring finger

Overall, these didn't take long at all to apply.  AND in looking at the pictures you'd think it'd be uber bumpy, but it wasn't at all.  I think the hardest part was getting it lined up correctly and getting it filed off the edge correctly.  Once I was trying to file it off, it would sometimes gather up and be a pain to remove.

My 2 major downfalls to this one itself is.....

1. The packaging itself makes you think this would be holographic, though the strips are not(and you can see that they're not through the packaging).

2. That these are very sheer.  So much that there's VNL, and if I had paid for these I'd have been upset having VNL with a product I can only use once and can't use anything under it. 

You can also see the VNL in some of the pics above.
I will definitely be trying these again as I do have the other 2 designs.  That way I can give you an actual review.  I just wanted to give you my first impression.

Have you tried them yet?  What do you think?


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review but this has no influence over my opinion.


  1. i am really mad at my nails because their shape will never fit to any nail stickers :(

  2. Not sure if you've tried these, but they have different shapes on each end. One is more rounded and the other is squared. Also, where I had excess over my cuticles, I just took the cuticle pusher and made sure to rub it down good on the nail using the edge to get rid of the excess sticker.

  3. A dear friend of mine sent me a set and I'm yet to use it. I'm kinda afraid that I'll mess it all up. LOL.

  4. It took me a few packs to get the hang of it. Now I can apply them without running into so many hiccups.

    I find it's easier for me to not worry about getting it uber close to the cuticle edge, I let it sit just a hair away, then I don't have to worry about cleaning up that edge. Also, I start and just gently lay the strip down at the cuticle edge and then just gently lay it along the middle-most part of my nail. Smooth that down lightly, then rub it down the sides. Middle to left or right. It keeps me from getting the sticker stuck to itself!

    Anyway, hope that helps with your next 2 applications. If not, I'm sorry! Oh, and that sucks about the VNL. I would be peeved about that too!


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