Friday, July 15, 2011

*Fail Friday* - The epic fail of hair. - Part 2

If you read last week's Fail Friday, this is part 2. 

I left you with a picture showing my first bleaching attempt.  I realized I needed it more "white" than "yellow blonde" so I went to Sally's.  I walked to the hair stuff and got the 30 vol developer that I needed and grabbed THIS, but I honestly can't remember if I grabbed the blue or purple. 

The sales lady asked what I was planning to do, I even showed her my hair that was hidden under a hat, and told me I had the completely wrong thing.  I told her what I'd previously used and she told me I needed that again.  Reluctantly, I said ok, figuring she knew better than I did.

BOY was I wrong and luckily I haven't seen her at that store since.  Here's what it looked like.

This is my I'M NOT A HAPPY CAMPER face.  Yes, it was lighter BUT IT WAS STILL YELLOW!  And still in some places orange. 

By this result I was fed up.  I said F-IT.  I didn't want to bleach my hair AGAIN and cause more damage.  I didn't want to go to the store because I might have been hauled off to jail......even though I know some people that work there I don't want to go there. 

I said to myself, this is going to have to do.  The next day I went ahead & mixed up the red color which looked like this.
Crappy phone pic, but it matched my Coke can.
I slathered my hair up & let it marinate.   This is what I ended up with.......

What happens when you mix red over yellow..........THIS SHIT.  A orangy pink. 

I'm still really pissed about it, but you'll have to wait to hear more. be continued



  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry! Granted, the orange looks better than the yellow, its defintiely softer!

  2. I know this is driving you nuts, I'd be going crazy too! Good luck *fingers crossed* Can't wait to hear more.

  3. i know one rule - never dye hair at home . specially with bleeching .
    why ? if somethings goes wrong, you can blame someone else :)))

    poor one , you need to give your hair a good treatment now , it will be so damaged after this

  4. p.s it looks like you got plenty of warm pigment in your natural hair ,
    you just picked the wrong color to go :(

  5. get some cutesy retro hair bows and tell everyone you did it on purpose (=

  6. LoL @ Cathryn

    @Naktsmetia, I use Ojon Restorative Treatment in my hair overnight when I do any coloring in my hair.

  7. I had a bleaching disaster also, eventually just went back to brown but I dyed it so much I had to get it super super short a la halle berry.

    In all honesty tho I like the orangey shade! I think ye should keep it :D

  8. i would be going mental hope you can get it fixed soon

    shel xx


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