Sunday, July 10, 2011

Changes around the blog...

I'm sure some of you have noticed the new layout.  With that new layout, I've also added some tabs to the top of the page (they're underneath my header).  I need to add a blogroll tab since the layout killed the one I had on the right sidebar. 

SO, here's your chance.  If you want me to add you to my blogroll......send me an email and I'll start working on it.  My email is on the contact tab up top.

You may also notice I'm now posting press releases from some polish companies.   I've also added the RSS Grafiti app to my Facebook page, so hopefully it'll work and automatically post there when I post something.

I've got a lot of stuff to swatch & review and will probably be working on some of that this week.  The other half is off work for his birthday & we're going to try to do some family stuff so I may not be posting as much this week. 

That being said, I do have some good stuff to show you.  The stuff I have on my nails right now is freaking amazing & I can't wait to let you see, but I have to wait 2 weeks. 

Now, I'll stop rambling and go get ready to go grocery shopping.  I hope all of y'all are having a wonderful weekend.



  1. Hehe, so you like this design too :D It killed my blog roll too... I still wonder why. :/
    Thanks for following my blog!

  2. I can't wait to see what you have on your nails.

  3. I'm lovin't the layout changes so far :) I have another blog award for you so take a look at my latest entry for all the details!

  4. I'm redoing my Blogroll too ... so I'll drop you a line :)


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