Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blue Eyed Gal!!!

Yesterday I showed you my new franken (click HERE to see) & today I'll show you something new to me layered over it.

I've been seeing KleanColor all over the place & have heard great things.  Well, with the exception of their crackles/shatters.  SO, I went to and ordered a couple.  Can't beat their price unless you can find it at a beauty supply store.

Here we have KleanColor Blue-Eyed Girl layered over the franken.

I kinda just threw it on, so please excuse the messiness. 

BEG kinda has a clearish deep blue jelly base with hexagonal and very small round glitters in it.  It's so pretty.  I'm now wanting to layer it over my Rimmel Midnight Blue to see how it looks.

I had to get Blue-Eyed Girl just for the name, since I'm a blue eyed girl myself!



  1. Pretty! I want all of the Kleancolor glitters!

  2. I bought this polish and it is so pretty. :) Can't beat the price either.

  3. This was my very first Kleancolor polish and I LOVE it! It looks amazing over black or super dark blue and IMO dupes Lippmann's Lady Sings the Blues and Across the Universe

  4. I love chunky glitters like this!

  5. This is pretty but I think I'm a bigger fan of Deb's glitter polishes :P

  6. It's not a bad price for a "dupe" that's not really a close one.


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