Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wet N Wild - Toss Me A LIVESAVERS

I picked this polish up a few weeks back at Rite Aid during their WnW BOGO FREE deal.  Lets just say I picked up a TON of polishes and now wish I had grabbed one of everything on the shelves.  I wasn't sure which collection this was from, but according to Nouveau Cheap it's from this years Sweet Spot collection.  I snagged this one and Dum Dum. 

I mainly thought it was cute that they were all named after candy. 

This is one of the first WnW Wild Shine polishes that I've used and one of only 3 that I own.  I had more of an issue with this than I did with Zoya Lolly.  It dried super fast and isn't even a matte or a Fast Dry.  I used 3 coats and still had sparse areas. 

The bottle has a slight blue/teal shimmer that doesn't really show up much on the nail, but I'll give this one a second chance.



  1. Ha! I just blogged about this one too! I agree, I wish more of the shimmer showed up on the nail. This shade looks great with a multi-colored glitter layered on top though!

  2. LoL, I saw that. I couldn't remember when I had it scheduled to post.


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