Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Sunset or Not To Sunset?

During a recent "lets see what I can do" playing day, I came up with this mani.  There are a few things I would change, but I can't classify this into my Fail Friday posts. 

First I started off with a base of Sinful Colors Base Coat x1 and Zoya Areej x1. 

Then I sponged Zoya Kieko about halfway down the nail as I originally just wanted to do a pink & purple look.

I should've just stopped here, but I was playing and just couldn't.  So, I grabbed China Glaze Electra Magenta to add to the tips. 

I couldn't just leave this alone either.  The OCD got to me, and I saw more pink than any other color.  I was kind of reminded of some of the beachy sunset looks that I've seen some of the bloggers & YouTubers do.  So, I grabbed Zoya Rica to sponge on the base (top part of the nail in the pics).

This is where my fail comes in.  I forgot how much Rica was a pain to get off the skin for clean-up when I had it on my toes.  Sponging it on made it get all over my skin & cuticles, which was darn near impossible to clean it all off.  SO, please excuse the mess on my skin with this one.   

I think if I did this one again, I'd start with Rica, then Areej, then Electra Magenta, and finish with Kieko.  That way I'd also be alternating sparkle & cream. 

Of course, I couldn't just leave this alone either.  I grabbed Black Shatter and went to town.  On my Index finger, I kinda drew an "S" with the brush down the nail and with my thumb I went diagonally. 

No top coat

NO top coat.

CG Fast Forward TC

CG Fast Forward TC

What do y'all think? 



  1. When in doubt...throw some crackle on that bitch!

  2. I love it without the Black Shatter on top :D Great color combo!

  3. Thank you. It's just one of those things where I wanted to play around & kept thinking "what more can I add?" LoL


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