Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ocean Blues

I really miss going to the beach.  My grandparents used to take me to Panama City Beach, FL every summer after school got out for a week.  I have some wonderful memories of that place.

My Aunt, Cousin, Grandfather, & Me.  I think this was 95 or 96.
That being said, it's no wonder that when I was looking through my stash I found not one, but FIVE different oceany blue-green colors.  I need to remember to stop getting these.  LoL

L to R: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Marine Scene, Wet N Wild Wild Shine - Don't Be A DUM DUM, NYC - Empire State Blue, Wet N Wild Fastdry - Teal or No Teal, and Sally Hansen InstaDri - Blue Streak

1 coat
Thumb: Marine Scene
Index: Don't Be A Dum Dum
Middle: Empire State Blue
Ring: Teal or No Teal
Pinky: Blue Streak

2 coats

3 coats
Out of all 5, I think that Blue Streak was the best and probably my favorite.  I could've really gotten away with one coat of it.  It leans more to green while Marine Scene leans more blue.

The 2 WnW's were extremely sheer and probably could have used a 4th or 5th coat.

The NYC was the more BLUE out of all of them. 

Here's a picture of each finger next to the bottle.  It was kinda hard to get the bottles to sit still and snap a picture.



  1. nice! your right i also like Blue Streak of all. by the way im a new follower. i enjoyed reading your blog. :)

    visit my blog :)

  2. I actually love Blue Streak the most :D Such a nice teal.


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