Friday, June 3, 2011

*Fail Friday* ~ Neon Sinfail (Pic Spammage)

Today's fail is brought to you by Sinful Colors in Neon Melon and Irish Green.  And lets just say my camera does NOT like these colors.

I'm not sure if these would be classified as "Neon" or "Jelly", but they were a pain.  It took me about 5-6 coats of Neon Melon(Yellow) before I was able to get decent coverage and it somehow looked piled on.  It started out looking like I'd taken a yellow hi-lighter to my nails. 

Neon Melon - 1 coat

Neon Melon - 2 coats

Neon Melon - 3 coats

4 coats
5 or 6 pinky looks like I have a blob on it.

It's very neon-y yellow.

Then I wanted to play around and put a coat or China Glaze Rainbow over Neon Melon.

inside flash

sun no flash

it kinda toned it down a bit.

I didn't like how it looked like a huge blob of polish on my nails, so I took it off (well most of it) and went for Irish Green...I got to 2 coats before I jacked it up.

1 coat

2 coats

2 coats.....and you can still see some of the neon melon I missed

2 coats and I messed up my index and middle fingers.
I really dislike seeing VNL (visible nail line), but I think the contrast of it with the Irish Green makes it look different.

I'll definitely play around with these again, but I'll be a little more patient and of course, LAYER!



  1. Really sheer polishes gripe my butt. I want to see my polish NOW! LOL. I understand their place in the polish world, but I am an instant gratification kinda girl, and doing a bajillion coats is sooo not my style!

  2. IKR. I just gave up after 6 on the yellow. As you can see my camera doesn't like neon's one bit.

  3. Try a white base coat and then the neon


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