Friday, June 17, 2011

*Fail Friday* - Lollytoon

I've seen several newspaper mani's & decided to give it a go.  I read somewhere that someone wanted to try it with the cartoons in the paper and saw a post recently where someone actually did it.  I can't, for the life of me, remember now where I saw it.

I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to try it on a bright pink polish and use just the font from the toon.

I grabbed Zoya Lolly....which I seem to have issues when applying this polish and none with Phoebe.

I looked through the paper and grabbed Dilbert.

I used two different methods & didn't have luck with either.  Dipping the nail into rubbing alcohol for 20-30 seconds then applying the paper & dipping the paper directly into the alcohol then applying it to the nail.  I'm not sure if it was the polish used, the paper having been a few weeks old, or that I didn't hold it down long enough.  Possibly even a combo.

No top coat.  You can barely see anything.

Topcoat doesn't help much. 



  1. aww, nice try hun. i actually wanted to try this out today. But I still need to buy rubbing alcohol.


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  2. i did the newspaper mani and it turned out kinda cute. i used CG For Audrey as my nail color and used the paper dipping method. :) i havent had luck applying Lolly either, i thought i would love it, but i dont >.<

  3. DILBERT!!!! :D

    Bummer it didn't work out but I love the polish! Keep trying at it!

  4. I did one of those newspaper manis and it came out really well. I was wondering how it would work with a cartoon but we don't have them in our papers here. :/ I wonder if the colored cartoons are done with a different kind of ink that doesn't come out as easily or something.

  5. This is still pretty cute :) Btw, is Zoya Lolly a matte nail polish?

  6. Yes, Lolly is a matte. It's from this summers mod mattes collection.


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