Friday, June 10, 2011

*Fail Friday* - China Glaze Awakening

I dunno wtf I was thinking when I did this mani. 

I started off with a layer of ORLY Bonder and a layer of ORLY French Manicure White Tips all over the nail.  Then, I used 2 coats of China Glaze Awakening. 

So pretty in the bottle.

This was very sheer when I swatched it on the nail wheel, so that's why I layered it.  Why I chose white, I'll never know because it makes the bald spots show even more.  I think next time, if I layer it, it'll be over a pink. 

I do like how it's almost purple with gold in some of the pics. 

Now, here's where I failed again.

How I did that, I have no clue.  BUT, rather than fixing it, I just took it all off.



  1. i do that with my nails sometimes, you can lick the pad of a finger on your other hand and smooth it out :P

  2. aw bummer that you smudged it. its pretty for a frost. as rebecca said, ive found using my finger to smooth it out works best, but your oopsie looked beyond help lol

  3. OHMYGOD THAT IS GORGEOUS. i need to get it asap lol

  4. Yeah, I think I actually tried that Rebecca & it made it worse. LoL.

    Kimi, it is. It actually reminds me of a darker version of Zoya Happi.

  5. I love the purple and gold effect!


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