Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoya Reva

Today I have a beautimus color called Reva.  I got this when Zoya had the BOGO for the new summer collections.

Zoya describes this color as "A cool toned strawberry with glowing golden metallic sparkle", and they hit the mark with that one.

The pics I'll show you are 2 coats.  It started out looking more pink, but when the second coat was added it looked more true to the description.  I actually had NO issues applying this.  The pics below are with NO clean-up. 

I love looking at the metallic sparkly colors that Zoya has, they remind me of looking at bass boats.  My dad used to fish a LOT and the only thing I liked about going shopping with him for gear was looking at all the pretty boats.  LoL


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