Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Worth The Risque vs Hologram

Recently I picked up Color Club's Worth The Risque.  I wanted a beautiful silver holo and after looking at Scrangie's swatch, I just had to have it.  I was a little disappointed when I received it and swatched it HERE

Nowhere near the holoy goodness that she had, though it does have a tiny bit.  Then I was thinking that it reminded me of the China Glaze Hologram (from the Tronica collection) that I picked up recently. 

Here's pics of the bottles to compare...

Since I already had Worth The Risque(WTR) on, I took it off of two nails and put Hologram(Holo) on. 

Now while these are extremely close dupes, the formula's are not.  This is 2 coats of each.  I preferred WTR over Holo by leaps and bounds.  I could've gotten away with 1 coat of WTR, but went with two.  Holo was a pain in the bunt(as my son says).  The first coat was extremely patchy and the second didn't help much, but was better. 

So, if I had to pick between the two, I'd pick WTR. 



  1. i also have the holo-dud version of WTR :(
    i still like it a lot though!

  2. Me too. I'll most likely use Holo to franken with and leave WTR alone.

  3. I think to get the "real" holo WTR you'd probably have to go to ebay or something to find it. This one is still pretty.

  4. I'm wearing Hologram right now. :) And, I totally know what you mean about the shotty formula/application. I would love to have WTR one of these days! Awesome comparison pics!

  5. Oh wow, been wanting that CHG holo for some time now.. I can get that dupe instead :D

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