Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm still visiting with my family so I'm updating from my sister-in-law's laptop. 

My Aunt is still in ICU.  The big scare the other day was just the blood pressure cuff being on wrong.  I saw her Sunday and she was trying to rest, but doing ok.  She has some type of bad infection. 

My Uncle was either released last night or he's being released today.  I saw him Sunday as well and he looked better than I was expecting, but I could tell he was sick.

My Grandfather has now been moved to a hospice.  This was yesterday afternoon and I saw him shortly after he was moved.  He's at peace and was just annoyed that it wasn't cold enough.  He's ready, but just wants to make it to his 82nd birthday which is June 4th.  I may go see him again today so I can spend a little bit of time with him without the kiddo needing my full attention. 

I'm doing ok.  I'm one of those who keeps it together for a while then just breaks down and has a good cry or three. 

HOpe you ladies are doing ok yourselves.  I'm now up to 141 followers!  9 more and I"ll have my next giveaway. 


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