Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I need to get done...

I've been doing some major procrastinating. 

So, I figure if I post this here, I may get motivated!

  • Make a spreadsheet with the polishes I have so I don't have to worry about dupes.
  • Update wishlist.
  • Clean desk, badly.
  • Start on blush swatches, pics, posts.
  • Finish swatching polishes on nail wheel.
  • Make another header & work on a layout for blog.
  • Play with, and do a review on the BH cosmetics 6color shadow palette that I won.

I know I have several other things to do, but just can't think at the moment (doesn't help that I'm writing this at about 1am.)

This week is going to be a little scattered for me.  I have the final parent/teacher conference with my son's Pre-K teacher Wednesday morning at 7:20am (hopefully I can stay awake for it) and I need to focus on getting an achievement in WoW (world of warcraft). 

Now I'm off to get some sleep so I can get started on this first thing in the morning.


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