Monday, May 30, 2011

Stamping with What's Your Name?

Usually if I don't like a color, or plan to change it soon, I'll go ahead & stamp over it to see what it looks like.  I just like to play.  So, that's what I did.

I grabbed my Bundle Monster plates and went to town.

Two coats of Sinful Colors What's Your Name?, BM-205, and a bright blue polish from a Playboy kit I picked up at Big Lots a while ago.

Inside w/flash




inside w/flash

This is one of the few times I didn't totally mess it up.  The blue I used to stamp with came off the plate very well.  I only messed up kinda sliding while pressing it onto the nail.  

You can see the sparkle in the base color on my thumb in the last pic.



  1. This is cute! I got the Bundle Monster plates too, but haven't messed with them too much yet.

  2. That looks great. I this combo really works together. The stamp polish bringing out the colour of the hidden shimmer in the base colour. Sinful What's Your Name is an old and dear friend of mine. :D

  3. Wow that's gorgeous! I wish I knew how to nail stamps :D


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