Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Polish Stash!!!

I've been cleaning the past few days a little bit at a time, and decided to take a break today.  I figured it was a good time to go ahead and make a spreadsheet of my "stash" so I'd know what I have.  Now I just need to go through my wishlist and take some stuff off, then add more of course.

So, here's pics of my stash.  Right now I'm using 2 of the drawer shoe boxes that you can get at Wal-Mart until I get a Melmer. 

Round & other shape bottles

Square shape bottles (and the Maybelline)

Even though I took all the ELF bottles out and put them in the "don't like" bucket, both of these are still full and the Maybelline are no longer in the square one.  I have no more room unless I just place them in there.

Now, after entering everything except the ELF, topcoats, treatments, etc......I have 87 polishes(click the link to see what I have).  That also doesn't include the ones I have in my giveaway stash. 

How many do you have?



  1. what is a Melmer? i know what a helmer is but not a melmer exactly.

    i have around 300 bottles...hah
    however i see one in your stash i don't have but want really badly, Goody Plum Drop! don't happen to have one of those in your giveaway pile do you?? lol

  2. It's a wooden smaller version of a helmer. They have them in the scrapbooking section of hobby stores, used to hold paper. I think they're 40% off at Michael's at the moment.

    LoL, I won that one in a giveaway.

  3. such a pretty collection :) <3 thanks for sharing

  4. And now I feel I need to count mine LOL. When I get motivated enough to do that I'll fill ya in :D

  5. LoL. I only know because I started the spreadsheet.


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