Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Melmer & updated stash

This is what MY STASH looked like before. 

So, for Mothers Day I wanted a Melmer.  Since I'm a SAHM and it was the first weekend of the month, I had to wait a week since a lot of bills were due at the first of the month.  We went to Michael's, got it 40% off ($20 and change), and picked up some acrylic paints to decorate it with. 

I didn't assemble it right away because I wanted to make sure I didn't have any paint dripping or any issues getting it painted.  So, last night, I open the box.  Here's what it looks like.....

I then grabbed my stencils, paint, brushes, etc. and got my little area set up on the couch.  I took the top piece (even wrote top front ^ on it) and went to painting.  This is what it looked like....

If you click on that bottom picture, you can see some feathering issues I had from both the brush and from accidentally swiping it with a paper towel.  It was easy to scratch mistakes off though, so I quit painting.  I didn't want to waste any paint and I didn't get any clear spray to put on the top.  I decided to go ahead & assemble it to get it all out of the way and off the couch.  I may go back later and paint it or try another type of paint, or maybe even just get stickers to decorate it.  I have bumper stickers all over my computer tower & I think it looks kewl.

Back to the Melmer.  It was easy to assemble, but took forever because I kept taking breaks to eat, get my kid to bed, check facebook, etc.  I also have been having some slight pain in my right arm, and trying to put the screws in was a pain.  The man took over for me.

The noob that I am didn't pay attention when putting the outer part together and put the top piece that I painted on the bottom by mistake.  LoL.  SO, now I have a clean slate for painting. 

Here's what my stash now looks like, and keep in mind I don't have all of my tools/nail art stuff in there as I need some of those short baskets to keep them in. 

Bottom drawer = round & some odd shaped bottles.  Wet N Wild, China Glaze, Orly, Revlon, Nina, Del Sol, Sally Hansen, Finger Paints, NYC, Sinful Colors, OPI

Middle Drawer = mostly square bottles.  Zoya, Color Club, Pure Ice, Maybelline, Random

Top drawer = top coats, treatments, tools, stamping stuffs.

Here it is all together.  I have it set up in my dining room on top of a cabinet/bar area as I have no room in my bathroom without putting it on the floor under my vanity. 

If you want to know what anything is, just ask and I'll go look.  OH, and here's an updated list of MY STASH



  1. looks like a wicked storage system! if only mine would fit in there haha.

    i have a decorating suggestion!
    i'm getting my first helmer (or 2...maybe) in august (yes i am counting the days :P) and my plan is to get 6 different pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper and cover the front of each drawer with them! i'll use modge podge to seal it.

  2. Yeah I was thinking about that too, as I saw a blog earlier where someone did that to the front of the drawers on her Helmer. I think it's pretty.

  3. Talk about organization! Looks great!


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