Friday, May 27, 2011

*Fail Friday* - I'm possible

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!

So, today's fail is brought to you by China Glaze For Audrey and Fast Forward top coat.  I applied it, though for some reason the 2nd coat was extra goopy, and only had one error on my left pinky.  I could fix that.  I went ahead and did my right hand.  About 15-20 minutes after putting FF on, I had to potty.  HUGE FAIL.  I totally jacked up my mani like I always do without using Seche Vite.  

It didn't take me long to take this off and toss FF back in a bucket to use later.  Here's proof of the fail.

Took pics before clean-up as I always do.  Thank goodness.

See that bubbly look on my pinky...

Totally messed up something on every finger except the middle one.

AND jacked up the index on my left hand.

I may try adding some thinner to this or maybe trying a white base then one coat of this next time.  I absolutely LOVE the color though.


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