Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My total fail mani's from Friday.... (pic spam)

Since Patricia over at Southern Sister Polish posted her nail fail, I don't feel so bad about wanting to share mine.  I totally think hers is cute and different. 

This past Friday I was attempting a mani for a JROTC reunion I was going to on Saturday.  I know, I waited until the last minute and spent all day trying to get something decent.  I just wasn't happy with any of it.  I finally took it off & put Electra Magenta from the China Glaze Tronica collection on.  I didn't think to get any pics of it while I was out and I'm about to take it off shortly.  I cracked the corner of my thumb off so I need to file my nails down a lil bit.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post.  I hated everything I tried & my bedroom smelled like a Hazmat zone. 

I started off with Zoya Mira & attempted to stamp over it with Marley....I think this went horribly wrong.  Then, I made it worse by trying to do a funky french.  This didn't stay on long.

Then, I put on Marley.  The white spots on my nail are shiney spots from the Quick Dry.  I didn't like the look of this after it was applied as you'll see in the sun pictures.


sunlight/no flash....see the horrible application

sunlight/no flash
So, then I tried stamping over it with Mira, then adding some extra with a black & silver nail stripe-r and brushing some Zoya Faye on with a small brush.  This went horribly wrong after I attempted to draw an arrow on my middle finger & it looked just bad (I didn't even take a pic of it).

So, I took those 3 fingers down & put Marley back on them.

I then decided to layer other purple shades on top to see what it looked like....

Adina-Thumb, Faye-Index, Zara-Middle, Yasmeen-Ring, Dannii-Pinky
While I did that, I "attempted" what I thought was a good idea on my right hand.  I used the same brush I use for clean-up, dabbed a little polish & brushed it on each finger.  I kinda did the "gradient" thing and it looked more like watercolor to me.  After looking at this again, I think the only finger that looked bad was my pinky.

(base to tip) Zara, Adina, Dannii, Faye, & Yasmeen

I wanted to share this not only to show you that we ALL have mistakes, but to remind myself not to go too far sometimes.



  1. Those kind of days seems to happen at the most inopportune times!

    Thanks for sharing, I like this post idea. :)

    <3 Miranda
    Come check out my giveaway if you want! :)

  2. Purple is my favorite color! and your last picture makes me try a purple fade! ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  3. I thought the first one was really pretty, at least before the french tips.

  4. @Miranda, I think I've entered it :D if not, it's on my list to enter.

    @Patricia, I think I may try it again. Lord knows I have enough purple polish to do it.

    @Marcy. Thanks. The pattern was just too much for me, and I tried to save it with the french. I think maybe if the lighter shade was the base and darker as the stamp I might have liked it better.

  5. I like it when people share their mistakes ! I like to be reminded that there are normal humans behind the blogs :) if that makes sense. i enjoyed this post haha!!

  6. @Sophie, I totally know what you mean. :D I like to have fun playing with makeup and polish and that's the whole reason I started to blog to begin with. Thanks!


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