Friday, April 29, 2011

*Fail Friday* - Secret Peri-fail

Since I stated in a previous post that I'm not afraid to show my failures, I'm going to start this new series.  I'm by no means a pro at make-up or polish and sometimes jack something up royally before I get to something I like. These posts may not always be polish related, but I will try to remember to do them weekly.  I am completely OCD, but can usually laugh at my epic fails. 

This is one of the mani's I worked on a few weeks ago before I did the awesome Stained Glass Mani.  I'll have to try more of those as I really loved it. 

Anyway, I started with China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le.  I still had some brown spots in my Seche Vite from using it the first time and failing, so I didn't take any pics of that color alone.  I love the color, and it looks more purple to me than blue.  So, I decided to stamp over it with OPI DS Glamour and China Glaze Hologram.

I can't remember which plates I used, and of course didn't clean up because I took it right off.  In looking at these pictures my cuticles look HORRIBLE!!!!  I still can't find the perfect thing to take care of them and I need to get some gloves to wear at night.  Oh, and I used Zoya Apple to kinda brush the grass on my middle finger.



  1. I think that is so cute and creative. Y U No Like?

  2. I just gave you a Kreativ Blogger Award! Go here to see....

  3. @Lacquer I don't think my stamping skills are up there yet.

    @Trace Thanks! I'll go check it out.

  4. How is that a fail?! It looks perfectly pretty to me!


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