Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cloud Crack!

You'll see why I thought of this name in a few.  I started out with Zoya Breezi, and of course waited at least 4 hours before going to bed.  I STILL had marks on my thumbs and a few other fingers when I woke up.  I didn't apply thick coats or anything and even used my Sinful Colors Quick Dry.  Oh well.

Here's what this looked like to begin with....

The flash makes this look way different than in person.

This is more true to color. 
I kept thinking I have seen this color somewhere else or own something this color, but couldn't figure it out.  It still annoys me to no end.  I'll figure it out when it's not important.

So, Friday night it decides to rain..........AGAIN.  Another rainy night in Georgia.  My internet kept crashing and I decided to go play with some polish.  I'd wanted to stamp over this, but couldn't find just the right color that I wanted.  So, I finished swatching my collection on my nail wheels and went through my buckets.  Then I had an idea.

I found the CoverGirl crackle in Ghost(White) that I'd purchased in a 2 pack at Dollar Tree months ago before the whole OPI Shatter/CG Crackle deal came into play.  I remember owning some crackle stuff years ago and wasn't too impressed.  So, before I did this on my nails I did it on a nail wheel and came up with this.

It almost looks like a turtle shell & while it was working looked like an Etch-A-Sketch.

I decided to put it on my nails and took pics before I put a top coat on.  I forgot to put one on and the white started flaking off shortly after, so I took this off.  BUT, i did at least get the pics.

To me, this looks a blue sky trying to peek through the clouds.

Right hand....hard to take a pic with the left hand.

Left hand.



  1. that crackle is so strange! i like it!
    and if you use seche vite, you should avoid all bed sheet marks. lol.

  2. LoL, I got Seche Vite the day after I drafted this.

  3. haha, good! it's like magic in a bottle.

  4. What Rebecca said! Once you perfect your Seche Vite technique you're good to go to bed in 5min. I do it all the time.


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