Monday, March 14, 2011

Zoya Get Your Green On

THEY FINALLY ARRIVED!!!  I was hoping they'd get here Saturday, but the sorting facilities for USPS in Atlanta are slow.  Here they are. 

I think I'm going to use Shawn as a base color, then kinda gradient sponge Suvi then Ivanka.  That way I can use all 3 at once!!  I'll have pictures later.  Time to go clean my nails and prep them for polish!!



  1. Will do, most likely tomorrow. I took lots of them.

  2. Do you get emails of these sales? I've bought from Zoya before, and I didn't get a notice of this awesome deal!

  3. No. This one they released on their blog at midnight, then posted on Facebook at 9am the next morning. They also had a promo for the intimate collection on International Women's Day that they posted on their blog/facebook.

    My suggestion, friend them on Facebook. They're actually now releasing the names only of the upcoming summer collections & they have a promo releasing within the next week or so, but you have to have an account to take advantage of it.


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