Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wet N Wild - Night Elf palette (swatches)

Warning, I ramble a LOT about this one b/c I absolutely LOVE it!

This is one from the 2010 LE holiday collection.  This was extremely difficult to find for me.  So, I entered a giveaway on YouTube and won all 4 palettes.  I'm a HUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan & needed something OTHER than my Black Ruby liner from Bare Escentuals for when I'm doing a UGA themed look.

Once I saw this, I was in LOVE.  I went to I don't know how many different stores in search of it and could never find it.  When I won I was extatic.  I started using it as soon as I got it & have used it several times.  When my sister & I went to Nashville in December I stopped at a Walgreen's on the way home.  I about fell out when I saw 2 of these sitting on the display.  I had to snatch BOTH.

I've since decided that while yes I do love these, there's NO way I'll end up using all 3 Night Elf palettes with the collection of eyeshadows I have.  SO.  I've decided rather than going through the hassle of selling it on Evil-Bay, I'll put it in my future giveaway stash (which keeps growing LoL).

 I really like all of these.  I've mostly used the 2 on the bottom left and the red.  I think I remember people saying that the very bottom left shade is a dupe for MAC Club.  I don't own & haven't used and MAC, so I'm not sure.

<3 that red.  The bottom left shade is a duochrome that looks like a dark brown/green in the pan, but on the eye looks like a brick/green to me.  I usually wear these over primer and a NYX jumbo pencil to get that pop of color. That black (in person) is similar to the black in the Greed palette, but definitely different.  I like them both.



  1. I can't believe how vivid that red is! It's so unusual!


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