Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. Paddy's Mani Take 1

Since rebuilding my polish collection and learning how to fauxnad, I decided to play around with some stuff.  I honestly don't care that it doesn't match all that much.  I also, shockingly, am not my usual anal self upset that it's not perfect.  I think it's different, cute, and was fun to work with. 

What I used: 
Pure Ice - Free Spirit (green)
NYC - French Tip White (white)
No named orange from a Bed, Bath, Beyond set
Nina Ultra Pro - Vintage Velvet (green with gold shimmer for stamping.  not sure if it's still available @ Sally's)
M71 plate from Born Pretty
Scotch Tape
Sinful Colors Quick Dry (love this stuff - $3.99 @ Walgreen's)

The first 2 pics were taken with my iPhone and are pretty crappy quality.  The last 2 were taken with my DSLR.  This is by no means perfect, and I was just playing around.  My cuticles look horrible and my lines are a bit messed up.  I will say that my index and middle fingers on my right hand have a crack below the nail line.  I currently have a Sally Hansen product that I absolutely do not like on those nails.  Fortunately it was on clearance when I got it.  When I take this off, I'll most likely try the "tea bag" method as seen HERE

left hand before I stamped the shamrocks on

Right hand.  I put the white on first

Right hand.

Left hand.


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  1. looks lovely :)

    New follower here :) I have to say that you have a great blog. Do check out my blog sometime :)


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