Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sinful Colors Quick Dry Review

About a month or so ago I was in Walgreens checking out some of the WnW stuff when I was looking for an inexpensive base coat.  I have the dual purpose ones, but wanted just a base coat.  I looked at the Sinful Colors choices and didn't see one, but I did see the Quick Dry.  I did see on the Sinful Colors website just now that they do offer a Base Coat, but my store didn't have it.

I'd thought about getting Seche Vite, but saw lots of complaints about how it makes Zoya polish shrink.  I wanted something that would quicken drying time, but would be compatible with Zoya, OPI, and China Glaze (since those are the main 3). 

I picked the bottle up and looked on the back.  It is Touline, Formaldehyde, DBP, & Camphor Free.  Not to mention that it was only like $3.99 (it could've been $2.99 but I can't remember for sure). 

A few days later, I decided to try it with OPI.  I was amazed.  It shortened my drying time a LOT.  It has a brush applicator, but I found that if I brush it on it leaves brush marks in the polish.  SO, I just make sure I don't take any excess off the brush and hold it at the base of the nail with the tip of the nail pointed down on a flat surface.  That way, the product just drips off the brush and on the nail then slides down to cover everything. 

I used it 2 days ago when I did my Zoya St.Paddy's mani and again today when I redid my nails with just Zoya Shawn.  I have nothing negative to say about this.  I polished my nails, applied this, waited a bit, & took a shower.  I didn't mess up the mani one bit. 

I know there's an array of drying drops/products out there, but this is a very budget friendly alternative.  I know that if this wasn't available and didn't work for me, I could justify spending a little more for a different product. 

Below is a picture, please ignore the quality.  I used my iPhone to snap the pic and the bottle itself is frosted.  I'm kinda in a hurry as my dad is on his way to see me and spend the night. 



  1. good to know, thanks for sharing!

  2. one thing i've notice with this quick dry polish is that there is this white frosting that is left on the nail polish. Once i covered it with clear nail gloss, i covered it, but any spot that touched my skin turned white. Not fond of that to be honest. :( any suggestions?

  3. I bought the quick dry also and used it for the first time one a sinful colors professional color and had no problems with it. I love how fast my nails dried and for me this is a must since I have two small children and one very active dog let alone my ever so demanding hubby. Love life and use the quick dry its fantastic.

  4. Thanks for the application tip! I really like the quick Dry from Sinful Colors, but I hate the brush that comes with it.

  5. As a beauty advisor at a walgreens this is some very helpful advice. still and new to nails. (I worked a food job before this one so I wasn't allowed to have my nails done.) Now I know its a good.product to try and to sell. thanks :)


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