Monday, March 7, 2011

My claws are gone :*(

If you read my St. Paddy's mani post yesterday, you'll know I have 2 nails that have bad cracks below the nail line.  I had a Sally Hansen Instant Fix product thing that I got at CVS for around $2 (on clearance from around $9) that looked like a really really bad acrylic nail job.  I followed the instructions on the packaging rather than what some other bloggers suggested.

Well, last night I was sitting outside for a bit, and somehow hit the zipper of my jacket with one of the nails that has the crack.  I barely hit it, and it cracked straight through that Instant Fix crap.  I was all sad.  Fortunately I'd already done the post/pics of the mani I had, so it didn't bother me too much.  I came in & made a little mani area on the floor in my bathroom.  My nails are somewhat strong (well for real nails, they only get weak when they get too long) and I have to use toenail clippers to cut them down.  It was dark outside and my light on my porch hasn't been replaced yet, so I had to do this in the bathroom to make sure I could chase down and nails that flew like rockets when they were cut.

I cut them down, removed the polish, then had to remove the Sally Hansen crap.  I soaked my nails for probably about an hour and scraped the junk off every 5-10 minutes with a metal cuticle pusher.  It took forever to get this stuff off.  Once I did, I removed cuticles and set up stuff to do the "tea bag" method so I didn't have to wear band aids while this grows out. 

It took me a while to get this just right because the breaks are on my right hand.  I should be fine doing this because I don't have to worry about hitting my nails really hard and making it worse since I cut them down.  I still have just enough nail to scratch, which is why I love my nails so much.  It always takes a while to get used to with typing and other things.  I can't type with my nails or grab hot things with my nails any more.  I'd take a picture of them, but I have to go get ready to pick up the kiddo from school in a bit.

I might take a pic with my phone and post it on Facebook later.  OH, and if you didn't notice, I have a link on the left sidebar for a Twitter account.


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