Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More eyeshadow swatches....and update

I have plenty more to come.  I just posted the last E.L.F. swatch of shadows that I own.  I'm working on my Wet N Wild now.  I just photographed the 6 pan palettes then I've got 4 of the trio's to do.  I'm trying to do these in batches so I can photograph, edit the pics, type up a post, and publish at a later time. 

I find that way easier for me since I'm a stay at home mom.  Today was pretty crazy for me.  The rain made me sleepy and my son came straight home from school and took about a 4 hour nap (I didn't want to wake him if he needed the sleep). 

On top of that, a friend is in town for a week or so and I had to kinda plan a quick get together for this Saturday.  So, most of my posts will be ones I've already drafted & all I have to hit is publish. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week & weekend. 


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