Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good news, even better news, and an EPIC FAIL on my part!

So in a previous post I stated things I'd planned to get done this weekend.  I really haven't done much of that.  I did get my foot file in & will be working on a review of that.  I will just say now that it's the shiz.  I also did my nails....Zoya Zara on the toes & Zoya Caitlin on the fingers.  I'll be posting pics and info on those later as well.  I want to try a few things out on top of Caitlin before I do the post, so hopefully I can get that done this week.  If not, I'll be getting a LOT done during spring break so I can get things out of the way and drafted to post later. 

I didn't get much further on the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton either, but I did finish book 4.  I'm now reading Mistral's Kiss.  I just have to complete the remaining books before Friday.  I also need to go through my stash for my giveaway as I've changed my mind from what I grabbed out of it the other day.

Now to the reason for this update rant.  LoL.  I saw on one of the blogs I follow, sorry I can't remember which one or I'd definitely give the credit, that Sally's was having 50% off their clearance items.  I've hit that store up several times lately and gotten some good things.  I went and looked through, but wasn't impressed with what was left.  So, I looked at China Glaze polishes.  They're still 2 for $10 through the end of the month.  I picked Rainbow since it's on my wishlist of polishes that I want.  I'd grabbed a diferent color from the Tronica collection than I already have and went to check out.  While standing at the register, I noticed more clearance bins to the right.  Didn't really see much, but did see a Seche Plus (nail strenghtener) for $6.49...that was before the 50% off.  So, I had the cashier take off the CG Tronica polish and snagged the Seche Plus for $3.25. 

The even better news is I finally got through to the other half and showed him how using coupons pays off.  This morning I went to Redplum and snagged a few coupons.  Most of them were for beauty products, but I did grab a few for ClaritinD, which he takes for allergies, and Childrens Claritin.  I figured we'd be better off getting it at one of the drugstores because I saw a good deal in one of the ads....though I can't remember which one now.  Well, he went to Publix instead of taking me to any of the drugstores.  While we're walking through and getting groceries, we took a detour down the childrens/baby isle.  I look just to see what the cost of Children's Claritin is there and was shocked.  They had 2 different flavors of the liquid.  Grape was $8-$9, but they had Original, which I think is peach, for $4.21.  I checked the expiration date and it's good for another year.  SO....we went ahead & snagged it.  I had to run back out to the truck to get the $3 off coupon I printed, which would make it $1.21.  BUT it gets even better.  Publix had an in store coupon for $2 off, and the cashier used both!!!  So, essentially, we were PAID $0.79 to take this stuff home! 

You'll see in the pic below where Claritin was scanned, then a few other coupons, and the $3 & $2 coupons were scanned.  I'm sorry for the quality as I didn't feel like pulling my DSLR out and used my camera phone instead.

Lastly, my EPIC FAIL.  Last Sunday, while my dad was here, I went to look at my wishlist so I could print off just the Zoya polishes I wanted.  That way I could mark them off on the booklet as well.  I just went to go edit said wishlist to see if China Glaze-Rainbow was on it to mark as "have" and to add this polish...this is what I found.

Somehow, my stupid non-focusing ass, deleted everything off except the Zoya polishes.  I don't know HOW in the world I managed to do that.  The awesome news is that right before I hit publish on this post I decided to see if I could restore the list.  I went to File>See Revision History...then over to the right it gave me dates of when I revised the list.  I went back to last Sunday and restored it!!!

If anyone knows of any great polishes I should check out, that aren't on my list, please let me know.  I know there's a few I keep forgetting to add on there.


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