Friday, March 4, 2011

American Idol!!

I really haven't gotten into Idol the past few years, but I always watch the auditions at least.  This year I've watched EVERY night.  I've already picked my fav's.

This morning Bo Bice was on Good Day Atlanta (click that for the interview) and I was drooling.  I always loved him, and was torn in the finale that year.  I knew Carrie would win, but I was still hoping he would.  I wish I was able to go see him tonight because I think he's just awesomesauce.

Back to this year's season.  I was upset that they sent Chris and John Wayne home and kept some of the other guys including Scotty.  I don't think Scotty is original at all and sounds too much like too many of the other artists out there such as Josh Turner and every other male country artist with that deep voice.  Upon watching the top 12 guys perform, I really only liked Paul McDonald's performance.  I like Casey, but not as much as Paul.

The ladies, in my opinion, are way better than the guys this year.  I may be biased, but I think Lauren Alaina will make it to the finale.  She's 16, from Georgia (as I am), and can really sing.  I absolutely LOVE her and think she will have a contract regardless of the results.

I was kinda sad last night when they told Ashthon Jones and Naima Adedapo they didn't make it in the top 10.  Then was glad the judges picked the two of them, along with 4 others, to sing again for the wild card choices.  After they picked Ashthon for the first wild card slot I was upset, I didn't think Naima would make it in & when they said her name I screamed in excitement.

I like a few others too.  Such as, Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart.  Though not nearly as much as I like Lauren Alaina and Paul McDonald.

I'm really excited about this year and look forward to next week.  Of course it helps that the new judges are awesome.  As usual, J Lo is beautiful, and Stephen cracks me the heck up.

Have you been watching this season??  Who are your favorites??



  1. I cried when Chris Medina got sent home, but his song he released on iTunes made it all better! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lauren Alaina, and Paul McDonald is the shiz. Casey Abrams is awesome, though I think he's on a different level than American Idol, as well as Naima. I think they're better on the Indie circuit... and I almost think Paul would be too. They're just too unique. I would like to see what the three of them could do away from Idol. Hayley Reinhart is amazing as well! The other one i was really sad to see leave was Brett... He was so precious and I loved his voice from the beginning! Oh, and Thia... she's awesome too! I can't pick a fav, really, but those are my tops! They found some amazing talent this year... It's the first year I've watched, but I'm hooked!


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