Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zoya - Isla

I purchased this as one of my 3 Free from Zoya with the code from Facebook.  Zoya describes this as "Rich, velvety cool-toned blackened red shimmer that appears lit from within"  I looked at Scrangie's swatches first because I wanted a really dark almost black red.  This is almost that for me.  I absolutely LOVE the color and Zoya polish in general.  

I had an issue with the plastic stick on the handle being bent, but could still apply it.  I did a live chat session with a CS rep at Zoya and they sent a replacement brush/lid right out to me.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Please excuse the excess polish on my always happens & I so did not feel like cleaning it up.

I will say I applied 2 coats of this & could've just used one.  I fell asleep and really jacked up my nails, so a few days later I added another coat.  I've had this on for over a week with no tipwear.  Though I honestly haven't really put it to the test as I was sick.  I use my hands a lot at home, cleaning, washing dishes, typing, etc.  But overall, I'm impressed.  I am so glad I got these while I could!


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