Monday, February 28, 2011

Prizes from Beth Br00tality!!!!!!

I just got a package in today from Beth Br00tality on YouTube.  If you haven't checked her out and subbed, you definitely should!!  So get on that, NOW!!  LoL  She's also a Mark rep and a model for Madd Style Cosmetics (which I totally want to try out when I have the money).  You should also go check out and sub to Your Glam Squad, which she's a member of.

She had a 400 subscriber giveaway, and I WON.  You can see the original video and prize video's by clicking on the links.  She currently has a Show Me Your Green contest going on, and if I can find my webcam or get my old digicam to work I'll enter.  OR, if I can find out of my DSLR will record video's if I hook it up to the computer. 

Now, to the goodies....

I <3 the goodies & LoL'd at a few "extra's" (Megatron's hair & a penny which is between the eyes of the model on the mark magalog".  The hair wrap is awesome, I got 2 of them for myself for Christmas and keep meaning to go back to get more.  I have to LoL at the Toasted Vanilla body products in the purple tin because everything (minus the lip gloss) says "DO NOT APPLY AROUND EYES OR ON LIPS".  Who would put body spray on their lips??  REALLY?? 

The funniest thing I LoL'd at is this....
Click to finger is covering up the word "of".
My name, Harriett, means Ruler Of The House....and that just made me giggle. 

Once this is posted, I'll be sending the link to Beth, so I'll say this here.  Thank you for the gifts.  I truly love watching all of your video's as they not only inspire me, but they crack me up.  Oh, and I might be trying out some of the Curl Goddess and the Next Day Spray stuff in the near future.

Now, I'm going to conclude this post and shut my computer down as there's a serious storm that just started here.  Places west of me have had tornado sirens going off and the winds here are crazy.  Lets hope it's not bad.  My satellite has already gone out, so I need to chill with the kiddo. 



  1. Reason #1 I would never have my own cosmetics line: dog hair is EVERYWHERE. I don't know how he does it, but he can get his hairs anywhere he wishes.

    I do have a sneaking suspicion that the kitten is responsible for the penny. =] I guess the furkids just wanted to play too, haha.

  2. I giggled so much. I'm used to it cause when I go to visit my brother I bring tons of it home. He has a Husky & a Lab/Chow mix. They just had to put their stamp of approval on it. :D


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