Saturday, February 26, 2011

OPI- DS Glamour + a sneak of Zoya Tart

I won this beautimus OPI shade from Fiercely Fresh Fingertips Giveaway.  I am totally in LOVE with this.  It's my first ever holographic polish & if I hadn't won it, I'd be going crazy trying to find it.  It's a beautiful blueish purple with other shades making an appearance.

When I applied this on a Friday afternoon, I was the most careful I've EVER been.  It went on wonderfully.  No mistakes at all & only needed 2 coats.  No bubbles, no lines, anything.  I was also super impressed with the brush.  I'd take a pic of it, but it's kinda a hassle right now.  So, it's more the stem/handle of the brush that I love.  With most polishes that piece between the brush itself and the handle/top is a round plastic.  This is almost like a flattened straw in the sense that on the sides, it's flat, but on the edges, it's curved.  Kinda like it'd been pressed.  It makes it easier to wipe the excess polish off in the bottle.

First here's a few pics I took with my phone while I was shopping at Costco.  I was in the wine section and was playing around while the other half was looking for a bottle.  I took these the day after I applied this shade.

So, five days later, I pull out my DSLR and snap some pics while my kid is napping.  I've been a cleaning and dish-washing fool and it still looks good.  These are taken in sunlight with no flash.

I absolutely LOVE this color.  I can't stop looking at my nails.  I even attempted an eyeshadow look inspired by this, but didn't care for it too much and deleted the pics.

I decided to use Zoya Tart on my toenails b/c I wasn't too sure about using this shade, and this is what it looks like with 2 coats.

The next day I wasn't feeling the shade difference b/c I'm OCD about my fingernails & toenails matching.  So, I threw on one coat of Glamour & muuuuuuch better.

You can also see posts of OPI DS Glamour below:

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*NOTE: I did this mani just over a week ago (and wrote the post earlier this week) I'm just now experiencing a slight bit of chipping on the tips of my nails.  I'll most likely be changing it soon anyway to work on my St. Paddy's ideas.*



  1. the 2nd bottle down Moscato D
    Asati? Or something like that.

  2. LoL, I dunno. I saw it was blue & matched my nails.


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