Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love My Nails: New Love(571) & a no named red

I decided to do these 2 colors together since they're like cheapy cheap.

First off, we have the brand Love My Nails and the color New Love.  I'll admit this polish is ages old.  I don't even remember WHY I bought it, but I think because it was a cheap red & I was really broke at the time.  I haven't wore this shade in forever either and I remember it's because you can't really get much wear out of this.  I think it chipped the day after I wore it.  For this swatch, I only had it on long enough to snap a picture.  When I took it off, it almost slid off the nail in one whole piece. 

sunlight/no flash/2 coats

This is a really pretty red creme, but I don't know why I haven't trashed this yet.  I checked Bari Cosmetics and this is still available.  I haven't paid much attention to see if this brand is still even at Wal-Mart.  Though I was kinda shocked that Bari Cosmetics makes this because I really LOVE their Pure Ice brand.  Maybe they've changed the formula of their Love My Nails line, but I haven't bothered to try. 

Then I've swatched this next red.  This came from a clearance kit I got at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and you can see the package/kit here.  I've only tried this once and used it for stamping the lip marks on my toenail.  Shockingly it's a thick polish and looks more like a pinkish red.  I still like it though.


sunlight/no flash
Sorry for the reflection on that last one.


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