Monday, February 14, 2011

Del Sol Color Changing Polish - Calypso

This is one I've had for ages.  In Dec of 2004, I went on a cruise to Mexico.  When we docked in Cozumel, we went shopping and eating.  One of the stores I saw was called Del Sol.  I just had to walk in.  If you're an 80's/90's kid like me, you remember Hypercolor.  Del Sol changes with the sun, not body heat.  I picked up a t-shirt for my sister, and oogled the polishes.  Finally, I settled on Calypso.

I came home from Mexico, and soon went for my regular mani/pedi.  The ladies at the salon, who were always extremely wonderful, were amazed at this polish.  I looked at the bottle and saw a website.  At the time, they had a store in Atlanta, but looking now, I only see stores in the Savannah area.  Also, at the time this polish was $15, and I didn't want to pay that price again.  I mean, yes it's a wonderful polish and you get 2-in-1, but NOT worth THAT much.

Just over 6 years later, this polish still works.....well, somewhat.  I believe nail polish is only supposed to have a 1-3 year shelf life, but don't quote me on that.  You can check out this blog here to see what it should change to.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the same results, but I did get some.

window sunlight/no flash

I almost had full coverage after one coat, but opted for the normal 2 coats.

Then, I stepped outside and took a pic just as it started to change.
outside/no flash

I sat out there for a good 10-20 minutes with my hand in direct sunlight as it's gorgeous outside today and really not much happened.  It almost went to the dark purple, but stopped kinda in between pink & purple.
outside/no flash

look at the silvery shimmer in the bottle

outside/no flash....about 20 min later

Overall, this is still a wonderful polish and for getting ANY sort of color change 6 years later is astounding.  I've seen some swatches of other shades and I'm intrigued. 


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  1. love the colour!!!


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