Monday, January 24, 2011

Random rant about Acne

I've suffered with acne off & on since my early teens.  Not just my face either.  I admit I have body acne too.  For the longest time, all I had to use was Noxzema.  

I don't remember being taught how to take care of my skin.  Such as cleansing, toning, etc.  In my late teens, I moved out and into my mom's house (I grew up with my dad & step-mom + siblings).  When I started working again, I started trying new things.  Especially when I started working at Wal-Mart.  

I've tried Neutrogena, Noxzema, Oxy, etc.  Nothing ever really worked.  

Later on, I moved again and once I was more stable I tried even more things.  Such as Proactiv, Clinique, Philosophy, Serious Skin Care.  Still no luck.  I've even tried witch hazel with little success.

For a while I was seriously addicted to QVC, and because I had money(and a job) at the time I purchased a Clarisonic.  Because it was QVC, I watched and waited before I purchased it.  Luckily I got it for like 5 easy payments.  While I absolutely LOVE this product, I don't like that you have to change the brush heads every so often at $25(for single packs) or $40(for duo packs).  It does a good job at cleansing my skin & while I'd have a pimple or blackhead occasionally, it wasn't nearly as bad.

Lately, it's gotten somewhat worse.  I've been getting pimples in weird areas.  I've noticed one on the back of my head right in the middle.  Last night, I noticed one in my armpit.  I thought WTF, my armpit???  Just a few minutes ago I noticed a HUGE one on my face right next to the bottom of my earlobe.  Just all of a sudden it showed up. 

I admit I have a bad habit of touching my face, especially around my jaw line.  Which is why that's mostly where I break out.  I'm trying to correct that.  I have to remind myself constantly to put lotion on my face or to use sanitizer if I'm touching my face.  So I'm not sure what the culprit is.  

Lately I've switched some products too, so I'm hoping that acne products are not causing acne.  I went from using a Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit product to using the Biore Ice product in the morning and the Clean & Clear at night.  I've previously blogged about the Biore and Clean & Clear.  And I use a Clean & Clear oil free toner.  IF I moisturize, usually only when I'm dry, I use my Clinique so that I can empty the bottle.  

Pardon my rant, but I had to vent my frustrations.  The man in this house has never had acne problems & the other is a 5 year old.  Neither care.  


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