Friday, January 28, 2011

Nail swatches to come

Today was actually a gorgemous(Yes I made that word up) day outside.  So, while my internet was down this morning, I figured I'd do some swatches of my current polishes.  

I took off my funky french mani, after I did some nail art stripes(those pics will be another post), and it took a while.  I swear I went through more cotton balls than normal.  
Then, I get everything set up to do my swatches.  I go grab my reds.  I figure I'll start with those since Valentines Day is coming up.  I set everything down on a tv tray next to my desk & start painting.  I then realized I forgot a few things.  I had to go back to my bathroom to grab q-tips to take polish off my skin.  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough remover in the bottle to get the q-tip wet.  I start thinking.  I have a beautiful cabinet that my grandfather built me which holds my liquor glass items such as shot glasses, beer glasses, beer mugs, wine glases, etc. but didn't feel like digging for the keys to unlock it.  
Sorry for the iPhone pic, I have my camera charging.

I looked right in front of my monitor and noticed my "half assed shot glass".  Instantly I knew that would be perfect to pour a little bit of remover in and dip the q-tip.  
Half-shot for my half-assed friend
How I had everything set-up minus my cotton ball container.
I do have remover with the push type top, but I'm trying to use the old stuff first (among other old things).  That'll be another blog in itself.  

I decided to skip painting my thumbnail since I wouldn't be getting it in the shot, and only used a base coat.  I used Nutra Nail Mineral Collection Base & Top Coat.  I think it retails for about $5 or so, at Wal-Mart and part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.  I will most likely be getting a better base coat at a later date, but this will work for now.  
Oh, and of course I almost forgot again, the other thing I didn't think to do was to write down my thoughts on each polish as I used it.  I'm going to do my best to remember for the first 3, as I won't be typing those up until I get back from picking the kiddo up at PreK.  

I'm going to try to do 1-2 of these a week, but want to photograph as many as I can in a day when it's nice outside.  Then I can go ahead & have everything drafted and ready to publish!  I'll also try to include other blogs that may have swatches available to show you how others have photographed/described the colors.  Easy Peasy!

I will warn you that some of the posts may be a little pic happy.  I'm still trying to learn the settings on my camera, and I have NO photo editing software to correct anything.  That and well I'm in LOVE with the camera.  Some of these I'm trying to show what the polish looks like inside with flash or with sunlight and no flash.   

Also, I am by no means a professional.  i totally suck at polishing my nails as you'll see with some of the posts.  I ALWAYS get this on my skin.  Most of the pictures of the swatches will be taken RIGHT after I finish painting so I don't show too many imperfections. 
I think that's about all for now. 

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