Monday, January 24, 2011

My first scotch tape mani!

I want to start off by saying the pics in this post were all taken inside.  I did most of this last night and this morning, but this morning it was a bit gloomy outside.

I started out last night by trying Wet N Wild's new Gray's Anatomy shade.  I have mixed feelings on it.  I LOVE the color, and the brush, but not how it ended up.  I had far less excess on the side of my fingers, but not sure if that's because of the brush itself or because I wanted to be more careful.  I did 3 coats, but prolly could've used 4.  You can still see the whites of my nails.  I don't know if it's the formula, or if it was my application, but I had some bubbles on my nails that you can see in the pics if you enlarge them.  I took a few different pics to show the duochrome. 

3 coats + top coat, no flash

3 coats + top coat, flash

 Then I became sorta impatient, as usual, with the drying.  This is "fast dry" only dried slightly faster than my other polishes.  I just HAD to take a shower.  I felt icky and could not stop itching.  I go in, wash my hair, etc.  NO problems, until I put on my turbie towel.  Usually I screw up my nails in my sleep or hitting something....never whilst putting a towel on my head.  

So, I thought of a way to fix it without doing it over.  I had a thought a few weeks ago to do a colored french tip, like I used to do in HS.  Then I remembered the pain I had with those french tip sticker strips.  I thought maybe I could use tape since I have it, it's cheaper, and it's wider.  I just wasn't sure how well it would work.  THEN, I found this tutorial (love her tuts) which led me to this blogger (I'm hooked on her posts). Checking these out told me not only that I had a good idea, but how to do it without screwing up.  

How badly I jacked up the polish.
 I just wasn't sure what color I wanted to do to a funky french mani with.  I decided to try another duochrome-ish shade & went with NYC 133 Purple Pizzaz Frost.  I went against Chloe's suggestion of using a shade that's very opaque with one coat. I did each nail one at a time, but did 2 thin coats almost back to back.  Then, peeled the tape off.
I did my right hand last night...the pics above are of the thumb on that hand.  Let me tell you, it was a pain taking pictures of my right hand with the shutter button on my DSLR is on the right side of the camera.  I had to delete several pics.  I let that dry and did the left hand this morning.  

My only problem is I can still see the bubbles & I should've done a line of glitter or black between the 2 colors to cover up the slight errors.  Oh, and my left pinky is kinda oddly shaped since that finger was slammed in a door as a child, it grows back funky.  So, the tape didn't wat to sit right.    Other than that, I absolutely LOVE it.  I will definitely be trying this again.  If I'm out in the sun, the purple in the WnW is dominant, but inside the green is.


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