Friday, January 28, 2011

L'Oreal's Caught Red-Handed

First off, LoL at the name.  I don't remember when or where I picked this up, but I'm guessing it was around Christmas time just because of the color.  In searching for other blogs, someone made a post recently that this has been discontinued.  I don't know if it has or not, but I did check the L'Oreal website and it's still there. 

Now....the pic on L'Oreal's website make this look like a pink shade and I dunno why.  To me, it's a red with sort of a golden shimmer in it.  I really like this color though I made a mess while applying it.  2 coats were just fine and these pics were taken without a top coat.

inside with flash

with sunlight

inside, flash

inside flash......told you i'm horrible at painting

sunlight no flash

sunlight no flash
I think the only time I saw the gold shimmer was in the last pic on the middle finger.  You can see it just at the bottom of the nail with the sun hitting it.  I really love this color though I don't wear it often. 

You can also check out Pailette's blog post to see her opinion and pics on this shade as well.

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