Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've seen a few "perfect imperfection" vid's on YouTube, and it really made me think.  At the age of 32, I've come to grips with my imperfections and deal with what I have(and don't have).  

I haven't really liked taking pictures of myself the past few years because I look completely different than I used to.  I've put on some weight, but not so much that it's a MAJOR problem.  I'm not saying that being overweight is ok, but I've learned to accept that I'm not the size 7 I once was.  I could get to that size IF I really tried and made some drastic changes, but I want to live my life for me and not someone else.  I still don't dress as girly or as nicely as I once did, but I do dress comfortably.  I refuse to wear something just because it's the "trend" because not everything looks the same on a size 16 as it does on a size 7.  Skinny jeans are not meant for some people.  I admit that I do wear leggings, but that's ONLY under a skirt or dress.  I wear pants that fit, and shirts that cover my fatness.  I refuse to wear pants/shirts that accentuate the muffin top.  

Another imperfection I have is scars.  Not many people even notice the scars I have on my face until I point them out and they're not nearly as bad as they used to be.  I was in a car wreck when I was young, I believe it was before I even started school.  I only remember a few details, my brother was driving and my step-brother was in the front passenger seat.  I was in the back seat with no seatbelt on.  We were in one of those Toyota station wagons with the panel down the side, and of course the seatbelt was only a lap belt, so it wouldn't have helped much anyway.  We were t-boned and I went cheek hit the round metal door lock (I won't go into the gruesome details), and my forehead hit the window.  I believe the window broke too.  I have a round-like shaped scar on my right cheek that because of the way it healed looks almost like a tear if you don't know its there.  The other scar spans from my right eyebrow(yes it almost went in my eye) and squiggles(yes I'm making that a word) up into my hair line.  I've had many close minded people try to make fun of my scars and it NEVER bothered me, never will.  My scars are part of who I am.  I have others that are not as visible and they never say anything about them.  I don't think I would be as strong as I am without having to deal with them and ignorant people growing up.  

Scar on my right cheek

Scar above my right eye. 

One thing I really dislike that I can't do anything about is my LARGE pores and oily skin.  The only thing I really can do is try to take as good of care of my skin as I can.  I admit, it's a pain in the arse sometimes, but I deal with it.  I still have acne, but not nearly as bad as I used to mainly because I know how to prevent it.  No, I don't drink water as much as I should, but I do cleanse.

Ignore the redness.  I'd just scrubbed the nasty ELF foundation off my face, I tried it again & will be trashin git.

HUGE body parts.  Not freakishly huge, but big enough to be annoying some times.  I've had large breasts and size 9 feet since around the age of 12.  My breasts are much larger than they were when I was a size 7, and because of that I have limited places to purchase bra's at that fit.  There are times when that's all that people notice about me.  I've been teased about them since I was 12, and have learned to block it out.  I mean yes, I'd rather not have mosquito bites for boobies, but I don't want them as large as they are now.  They do get in the way some times, but they also help out some times.  I could explain further, but I won't go there.  Some times trying to find cute shoes is a pain because once they get to size 9, either they're gone or look horrible that big.  I also have large legs & arse.  Trying to find knee high boots that not only fit my big feet, but my large calves is difficult as well.  Not to mention trying to find jeans that fit over my arse and thighs.  I think the smallest body parts are my toes & fingers.  

Most people also don't notice my ears if I don't point it out either.  I get it from my mom.  I have 2 different shaped ears. I don't think it's ever really bothered me and I don't think I even noticed it until my mom pointed it out in my late teens early twenties.  

Right ear at the top

Left ear at the top.

Lastly we have one that's kinda a perfection and kinda an imperfection.  Most people would LOVE to have it.  At times I love it, and others I hate it.  That would be my hair.  It's naturally curly.  Anyone with naturally curly hair knows that even if you don't damage(color, use heating tools, etc.) it, it's still frizzy and dry.  SO, if you're like me and color it and occasionally flat iron it, you have to take really good care of it.  I try not to blow dry it as much as possible.  I only flat iron it every once in a while.  I'd LOVE to not have to go through the whole tiring process of straightening it which is why I don't do it all the time.  Yes, curly hair is pretty and all, but it's a pain in the arse.  You can't just wash & go.  You have to wash, condition very well, comb.......then you have to use good products on it that don't weigh it down too much.  And on high humidity/rainy days.....fuhgeddabouddit.  Short of pulling it up or back, nothing looks right.  You also can't do those really cute choppy or Rachel-esque(think the look she had on Friends in the early years) or even cute short looks without a LOT of work.  Naturally curly hair just has a mind of its own.  I could go on forever about this, but I'll stop here.

Toodles y'all!!


  1. OH, and not to mention you have to find a stylist that KNOWS how to cut curly hair.

  2. Just so you don't feel all alone, Chris has two totally different ears as well! And I think he's pretty near perfect, wonky ears and all XD

  3. Bravo for keeping it real! None of us are perfect, except we are perfectly US.


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