Friday, January 21, 2011

Fauxnad Pedi

I said on Facebook the other day I was doing this and well forgot to do the post.  I decided to give my SHANY nail art plates a whirl & wanted to try it on my toes first.  No sense in testing on my fingernails first in case I have to do it over.  So, I let the kiddo pick the colors.  I was going to do a black base with pink & red lips as I got inspiration here from Bright Lights, Big Color.  Well Hunter thought differently. He picked a dark gray base with red & pink(which didn't work out too well).  

I started out with this as a base coat....
Nutra Nail Mineral Base & Top Coat
 Then I only took pics of the 2 colors he picked that worked...
Red from the no name BedBathBeyond kit & Pure Ice in Kiss Me Here

The noob I am, I forgot to take pictures of just the Kiss Me Here on my toes, but I'm posting a pic below with it and just one of the lips.  This gray is very opaque, but to me at times is a taupe/gray or a blue/purple/gray.  Though it is a solid color, it's really the lighting.  Unfortunately since I did this at night all of the pictures were taken in my room under the fan light and with a flash(for the most part).

Please excuse the excess polish on my skin.  I ALWAYS do that, never fails.  Usually it's much worse.  After I looked closely at this pic, it looked like the polish was thinner in some areas on my big toe.  Could just be me, then again I was watching OLTL while I was painting them.  Also, excuse the bad shine above my right toe....I took this on the side of my bed.

Here's what my "set-up" looked like....I made sure I watched some YouTube tutorials first.  I did this in my bed, so I used a box to set everything on to keep it somewhat level. The tweezers were to hold the cotton round with the remover on it so I didn't clear the top coat off my fingernails.
SHANY plate BM02

 So, I did 2 coats of the Kiss Me Here, waited for those to dry.....grabbed my red and went to work.  Surprisingly, for a cheap no-name kit polish, it was kinda thick.  The brush itself and stuff was cheaply made, but I figure I can use those colors for stamping or water marbling....look at YouTube for tutorials too, it looks so awesome!

With this stamping, I did have to work fast.  I found that even with wiping the stamp & plate down every time with polish remover, I still had some staining on the stamp.  A few times, not all of the polish transferred off the stamp onto my nail, but wasn't too bad for my first time.  I'm completely OCD about this sort of thing, and it didn't bother me.  I knew ahead of time there would me mistakes, which is why I did my toe first, and was prepared.  The 2 shades of pink that I tried didn't show up too well as the polish itself wasn't really thick so it came out really light on the stamp. 

Overall, I was happy with my final result.  I only did the design on my big toe, as it would look really silly on all 5 toe nails.  I will definitely be doing this again, but of course will be trying the polish combo's/designs on my toes first before ruining my fingernails.


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