Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I think I posted the day I placed my last order with E.L.F. a pic of the 50% order I placed and was uber excited about.  
 Today I checked my mail and was like a kid in a candy store, as I am when I get anything in the mail.  I ran inside and ripped open the package.  Then disappointment hit.  I only had 3 of the 8 items.  

I figured there was some mistake because I wasn't notified by email that there was any backorder and not only did my shipping email say the entire order shipped, but the website said the entire order shipped.  Then I look at the packing slip.  Enlarge the pic to see what it says.

I have a few problems with this......
  • I was not notified anything was backordered only that the entire order shipped.  
  • I was charged the full amount for this order.  The $15.95 that the first pic shows. 
  • The website does not say these are out of stock.
  • IF I were to re-order, I'd have to pay full price AND an additional $6.95 shipping.
I know that 50% off is a good deal, and that's not what my complaint is.  I only placed this order because the primers were included in the 50% off.  Yeah, I know that $1 isn't much to pay for a primer, but who wouldn't jump at the chance to get it for half off???   PLUS, why would I want just 3 items at half off when I had to pay more for shipping than the items themselves???

I sent an email to them and I'm awaiting a response.  Hopefully they'll make me happy.  I would not be nice to them over the phone if I called, plus I'm dealing with my kiddo and a sick other half.  

I can say I went ahead & opened the milk & honey body butter.  I am LOVING the smell.  I'll most likely use it for my hands since every other body lotion I have is really thin and doesn't moisturize my hands very well.  I got a giggle when I looked at the fail on the bottom of the tub though.  Look where it says "Daily Beauty Therapy".



  1. Kohls screwed me like that on a Clearance deal. I was getting PJs for Skylar for $1 a piece (like Icarly and such too) and two sweaters for Rick's birthday for $3 each.... They never arrived so I bitched them out and they said they didn't see on my acct where I ordered it. WTFubar

  2. It's annoying. I expected to get it all. I mean, who would pay $6.95 shipping for $5 worth of product?? Then, I got an automated email that said they received mine and it may take up to 72 hours for a response?? Uhff.


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