Saturday, January 15, 2011

CVS, Walgreens, and Bed Bath & Beyond haul

After getting out of the house, I decided to take advantage of some of the sales I told y'all about last weekend.  It was a LONG day of shopping, but IMO I got some good deals.  

We'll start off with what I got at CVS.....

The other half saw the hot cocoa set for 75% off (I think) and it rang up for $1.25....the mugs are too cute!!!

These are Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner's in Endless (purple) & Eternal (green).  They were Buy on1, get one half one was $6.49 & the other was $3.24.  These say that they're 24 hour long wear, waterproof, color intense, and smudge & smear proof.  If you didn't already know, I'm newly addicted to purple eyeliners.  So, I figured I'd give these a go.  And that green will be perfect for St. Patricks Day!!!

Next up, we have items that were not on sale, but I needed a new eyebrow pencil ($7.99) and this Wet N Wild Trio in Cool As A Cucumber is just awesome.  I'd not seen it before anywhere....Walgreens didn't have it.  I can't wait to try that trio.  I wore green & purples from my Holiday palettes. so this is all in one.

 These were sale items that I can't wait to try.  I got 2 of the Rimmel Stay matte foundations in Ivory for 75% off and rang up at $1.75ea.  I just hope the shade is close to my skin.  If not, it wasn't that much.  I've heard they're pretty good.  Also, a Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Light at 50% off for $3.75, which I've heard good things about as well.  Below that is a maybelline lipstick in Rum Raisin(G300) which was 50% off, $3.25.  The Maybelline XXL Pro mascara in Very Black clearly has a 50% off sticker on it, but rang up at $9.99.  I had to have that corrected b/c of the sticker & paid $5.00.  It's supposed to last up to 12 hours.  We'll see.  On the far right we have a Rimmel eyeshadow quad in smokey Brun for 75% off, $1.82.  Yet, another neutral quad for me, but it was cheap.  

Lastly we have the Rimmel Eyeful Eye glistener pencils in Stand Out (500)-a pretty green that has glitter on the outside of the pencil and in Talk To Me (400) which looks kinda like it's a duochrome.....purple, green, or silver depending on the light.  I have a better pic below.  These were also 75% off for a cost of $1.87ea.  Looking at the receipt, I think she rang up the Talk To Me twice instead of ringing up the WNW trio.  I can't wait to use these either!!

Here's my receipt & The bottom shows I saved $55.87....just WOW!  

Next up...........Walgreens....

I had a $2 coupon for Clean & Clear, so I thought I'd try this new acne cleanser to kinda mix it up.  

The Wet N Wild stuff was ALL 50% off at Walgreens......INCLUDING the new nail polish & eyeshadow trio.  From left to right we have....Lipliner in Berry Red ($0.49), Dual Pencil Sharpener($0.49), 2 Creme Shadow Pencils in Pixie ($0.99ea.), Fast Dry Nailcolor in Gray's Anatomy ($0.99), and Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned ($1.49).  

The eyeshadow and nail polish are BOTH from the newly released 2011 collection.  I'm kinda upset that I didn't see the other polishes or trio's I wanted, but didn't feel like running all over town to different Walgreens stores to search for them.  I'll see how I like these & maybe get them later.  Below is a copy of my receipt which I saved $7.50.  $5.50 was from the WnW alone.

Lastly......we have a nail polish collection I picked up on sale at Bed, Bath, And Beyond.
This picture sucks, I think I had the overhead light on and flash on my cam.

Still in the packaging, light off, flash on.

Out of the package, with flash.
These pictures just don't do this justice.  You can't really tell what the colors are and they don't have any names.  So, I'll go from left to right.  

#1- silver glitter
#2- minty/neon green, not quite one way or the other
#3- a light neon pink
#4- a pretty greenish teal
#5- orange.......this will prolly only be used for Halloween stuffs.
#6- a light brownish purple
#7- a pinky red.

These were on clearance for only $4.99.  I wasn't going to get them, but the other half paid for them anyway.  The name on the packaging is Simple Pleasures Nail Polish Assortment, but I can't find anything on it.  The pic below is from the back of the box & it cracked me up.....I don't want to meet the person who would eat nail polish!


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