Monday, January 31, 2011

China Glaze: Vermillion

I received this as a gift along with a nail salon gift card a few years ago.  I checked the China Glaze website and this is still available.  In fact, it looks almost an orangy-red to me on their website.

I remember when I applied this, it almost looked like a pink-red on the first coat.  When I applied the second coat, it turned into a beautiful red creme.  Even my pics, to me, somewhat look orangy.  Maybe it's JUST ME.  IDK.



sunlight/no flash

Again excuse any messes on my fingers.  These are with 2 coats of Vermillion and NO top coat!  It's just that shiny without it!
sunlight/no flash

sunlight/no flash

I am loving this color all over again.  I'm thinking now of maybe doing either some water marbling with this or using this as a base for some fauxnading.  I usually only wear this shade when I'm getting in the spirit for college football season.  LoL.

You can also check out Pretty Random's blog for her description/pics of this shade.  It's the 3rd one down on that post.  I think her picture is a bit more accurate to what this color really is.


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  1. Real vermillion pigment is not a pure red. It's an orange-red. More red than orange, but still definitely some orange in it. So a polish called Vermillion should be exactly that.


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