Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing with E.L.F. stuff!!!!!

So, yesterday I got some more stuff with E.L.F. and wanted to try it out ASAP.  I'm having a pretty crappy day & figured maybe playing with make-up would help.  It hasn't, but at least I played.  I took some pics of the things I used as well as the finished product above.  I'm not sure how I feel about some of the products.  

Porcelain on left & Sand on right
This is a swatch of the 2 shades of the Studio Flawless Finish Foundation on the top of my hand.  I'm not sure how I feel about these yet.  Before applying the foundation to my face, I applied the Studio Mineral Face Primer.  I used the Studio Stipple Brush to apply to my face & IMO it was very flimsy.  Next time I use these I'll use my actual flat foundation brush to apply.  I ordered the 2 different colors to make sure I got the correct shade.  With Bare Minerals, it's very forgiving so I can wear the 2 different shades of that I have with very little difference.  As you can tell from the swatch, Porcelain is extremely light and I was thinking I could use it in winter when I have no sun on my face, but now I'm thinking maybe as a concealer.  The Sand is actually closer to my face color.  The Stipple Brush really didn't cover very well, maybe the other will.  I'll try it again.  If not, I have sponges & stuff when I decide to use this.  

Essentials Brightening Eye Color in Luxe

 Above is a pic of the eyeshadow quad & my eyes afterwards.  If you can't tell, I numbered the quad 1-4 right to left & also put those numbers on one eye where I used those shades.  From experience with a different quad these are somewhat chalky/flaky/messy when used with brushes, so I used the sponge provided (I haven't done that in ages).  I'm pretty impressed with the colors in this.  The #2 shade is actually more of a burgundy/pink in person, but shows up more red in the photo.  I DID use the ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer underneath these colors.  I'm really glad I got this quad.  I wanted to kinda branch out from the normal shades & while this still has some of the neutral shades in it, that burgundy color makes it pop.  I look forward to playing with this more & doing different looks.  I wanted to use all 4 in this look just to get an idea of all of the colors.  I also used the Lengthening & Defining Mascara and the Creme Eyeliner in Metallic Olive, I have pictures below.  I really love the creme eyeliner and the shade.  

This is metallic olive and almost looks like a brown, but I <3 it!!

HAHA, I just remembered I forgot to curl my lashes before applying this.

Lastly we have the lips....
 This is the Plumping Lip Glaze in Ruby Kiss.  I have another shade, but don't ask me which because I can't remember at the moment.  I tried to take a close up picture of my lips with this on, but the color itself looked kinda sparse & splotchy.  The directions on this say to use the clear side then the color side.  I do LOVE that the clear side feels tingly when you apply it & smells minty.  I try not to lick my lips too much or I could tell you if it tastes that way too.  Looking in the mirror, and far away, this looks great.  I'll keep it, but not sure how much I'll use this shade.  

There are a few other products that I didn't take pictures of that I used.  Those are the HD finishing powder and the blush in Peachy Keen.   I may, at a later time, order or go to Target and buy more blush shades but I like this color right now.  

I'd definitely suggest the eyeshadow quads to anyone & "maybe" the foundation.  I'll have a better opinion of it once I try different application methods.  For now.....


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