Monday, December 13, 2010

Flies in the Vasoline we are....

I hope the video posts. If not, it's a live acoustic version of Vasoline by STP.

This song has been stuck in my head since yesterday. I read, somewhere, that if you have rough and dry feet to rub some Vaseline into them then put socks over it. Let me tell you, my feet are very rough & I have a few spots that are extremely calloused. I have a UGA rug under my chair at my desk & sometimes my feet snag on the rug or even my blankets at night. So, I figured I'd give it a try. I have one of those pumice bars & a PedEgg neither work very well for me. I've tried all sorts of lotion with no luck. Even I think it's called Zim's Crack Cream didn't help. Nor did Udder Cream or Corn Huskers lotion. Luckily I had a small 1.75oz container in my vanity drawer. I haven't had or used this product in ages & the only reason I had a small container was because earlier this year I got it to keep some Manic Panic hair dye off my skin. I read that it really stains the skin.......and noticed it stains worse than normal hair dye which I usually wipe off with alcohol.

I wish I had taken before & after pictures of my results. After I read this I ran to the bathroom & grabbed it, then snagged some socks on my way back to my desk. I put it all over the bottom of my feet, pretty liberally, but not overloading it. A few hours later I took my socks off to see the results & OMG I was A-FREAKING-MAZED. It was like a complete 180. They almost, and I say almost because my callouses were still a lil bit "hard", felt like I'd just had a pedicure. Those of you that've had pedi's know how smooth your feet feel afterwards, well at least for a day or so. Before I went to bed last night, I applied it again. I've decided that I'll do this twice a day....once after I shower in the morning, and once before I go to bed at night.

I hate having feet like sandpaper. I plan, this weekend, to get a much larger container of it to keep on my nightstand. Also, so I can apply some to my lips at night and during the day I'll use my EOS balm (grabbing it now to apply again LoL).

There are hundreds of other uses for Vaseline and if you want to know more, Google is your BFF. Though I read somewhere that someone said to apply it to tattoo's while they're healing..........I know better & "if" I ever apply it to a tattoo, it'll be WAY after it's healed. Hope this tip helps some of you & that maybe you find other uses for it.


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