Wednesday, December 8, 2010

E.L.F. Mod Mauve Nail Polish Review & I miss my nails

I bought this and another color from I think my 2nd order with E.L.F.  What sold me is IT WAS ONLY $1....yes that's right ONE DOLLAR!!!  Where else can you find a full size bottle of nail polish for just a dollar?  I don't even think Wet & Wild is that cheap any more.  Yes, the bottle looks small, but I just grabbed my bottle of Loreal nail polish that was on my desk which has 0.39Fl. OZ. and the E.L.F. one has 0.35FL. OZ.  The only problem I had was the swatch on the website,, looks more purple than the pinky/brown/mauve that it is. 

This is what my nails looked like when I painted them about 2 weeks ago.  Two days after painting them I did have a couple of very small chips on the tip of a few nails, but nothing extremely noticeable.  Unless you're OCD like me and really pay attention.  I can't really blame that on the polish because I do a LOT with my hands.....typing, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. This polish lasted a LOT longer than my other polishes that I use at home and also longer than when I get a manicure and they use OPI or China Glaze.  I just yesterday noticed that it was starting to peel away in some spots.  Because I had 2 nails that were cracked (where the white of the nail starts) and very painful, I had to cut them all off yesterday.  So, my next color review will be with very short nails.  I really miss my nails....I even find it hard to type on my iPhone because I'm so used to compensating for my nails & now they're gone.  But back to the review.....

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with this nail polish.  Never did I think I would like it this much based on the cost.  I've had more expensive stuff peel off/crack the very next day & look horrible.  When I originally purchased/ordered this, I picked Mod Mauve, Nude, and Plum.  I'm glad that they turned out so great because I ordered 2-3 more colors from their Cyber Monday sale..........hey it was 55% off, so that's what....$0.45 for a nail polish?? I can't remember what colors I got, but my order finally shipped yesterday.  SO, once I get them all I'll do either a review or color swatches.  I even ordered the Matte clear finisher so I can try the colors out with a glossy or matte finish.  

I would DEFINITELY recommend these to anyone who LOVES to paint their nails, but doesn't want to pay for a mani or buy expensive bottles of polish.  These would also be great stocking stuffers for yourself, teens, or pre-teens.  Plus, they have lots of deals going on right now.  They usually have 2 weekly deals and lately for the holidays they're having a daily deal.


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