Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Killing time & working on my nails. *Nail Product Review*

So, I'm extremely bored this afternoon.  WoW is having it's Tuesday maintenance & a patch so it'll most likely be down all day.  Go figure.  Anyway, I was sitting here filing my nails down wishing I had one of those things they use at the salon when you have acrylic nails.  That round shaped thing that they turn on & off with the foot pedal........it would save so much time.  I really hate trying to cut my nails down to the same length & really don't want to take too much of the length off.  When I was done I reached for my lotion (I have a bucket next to my desk & more in the bathroom) I realized I've had this one for a while & don't use it as much as I need to.

A few years ago at Christmas, I was at the mall with a friend.  One of the kiosk's was for Deep Sea Cosmetics.  Well the guy came up to me because of my nails.  I've always had LONG nails & since I had Hunter 5 years ago completely natural nails.  He thought what most people at the salon think, that they were fake.  We were on our lunch break but I let him go ahead with his demo.  I was totally amazed at how good my nails could look without any polish.  I'd take a pic of them now, but I'm really not up to it.  Anyway, I bought the product....2 actually.  I gave one to my friend for her Christmas gift.  This is what I purchased... Deep Sea Nail Kit - Wave  I absolutely LOVE this and would recommend it to anyone.  If you have the kiosk in your mall just let them show you what it can do.  Luckily I got a deal for buying 2 at the same time.  I think the best thing other than my nails look great after using this is that the lotion smells soooooooooooo good.  They have a few other kits & I'm not sure what they smell like, but this is the one I have and LOVE.  I don't know if the link I posted above will show up, but the website is www.deepseacosmetics.com.  Go to Nails then Kits.

I'll most likely blog at some point about how I take care of my nails or give you tips on how to grow them and make them strong.  It's just too much to get into at this time.  


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