Friday, April 8, 2016

Funky Fingers - So Fetch!

Hey y'all!  Today I have another one of the polishes Funky Fingers released sometime last year. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the collection, but I do know the name came from the movie Mean Girls & it was with the same collection as the Clueless named polishes.

funky fingers so fetch totally buggin review swatches clueless mean girls

This is 1 coat of So Fetch! over Totally Buggin', with top coat.

funky fingers so fetch totally buggin review swatches clueless mean girls
So Fetch! is a clear based glitter topper. It's filled with various sized black, chartreuse green, pink, and white glitters as well as bright blue stars.

funky fingers so fetch totally buggin review swatches clueless mean girls
This is another one that I'm kind of unsure of, but I had to have it because of the name.

funky fingers so fetch totally buggin review swatches clueless mean girls

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Recent Empties - Make-Up & Polish

Hey y'all!  Today I have the last of my empties that I've been collecting since November.  Well, at least the last of the HUGE full basket that I had. Some of these are things I've finished, some are things that have just a little bit left, some are things that have dried out, or are too old.

empties review

Garden Botanika Lash Primer: I absolutely LOVED this. Sadly I don't wear makeup enough to have it off, so I have to toss it because it's old. I just looked and don't even see it on their website anymore either. :(

Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer - Ivory: This was just ok for me. The color was what I needed, but it was slightly too thin for me. It's better than the Instant Age Rewind, but didn't give me the lasting power and coverage that I needed. I did finish it off though.

Mally Volumizing Mascara: I honestly don't even remember what I thought about this, but had to toss it because it was old and dried out. :/

Scotch Tape: Between Christmas and nail art, I finished off 2 rolls of tape. I don't think they were full, but that's 2 less I have lying around and taking up space!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - Fair:  I picked this up a while ago after seeing so many people on YouTube talk about it. I had to force myself to use as much as I did before finally deciding to toss it.  I have the shade Fair, which is lighter than my skin tone, but it's way too pink for me.  My skin tone is neutral, but leans a little more yellow than pink & this made me look almost sickly.  It was a little too thin, and didn't work well with my oily skin.  Even when I set it with powder.  I have thought about trying the neutralizer shade, but I think the concealers I'm using now are way better.

Cocoa Pink Perfume Dram - Yellow Flip Flops:  I picked this up, with some others I think last spring when they had a sale.  It's a great way to try their scents before you buy larger sizes or other bath/body products with said scents in them.  This one is amazing & smells like banana's, but not fake banana's.

Nutra Nail Speed Dry Top Coat:  I don't even know why I bought this originally.  I think I was trying to find (what I thought was) a cheaper alternative to Seche Vite. but it wasn't. I used it on my toes and it worked ok, but it did get gloopy after a while. So it's getting tossed.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge:  I absolutely LOVE this. I know some folks swear by the beauty blender, but I don't wear make-up enough to justify spending that much money for it.  I've also seen some people say this doesn't last as long for them, but it lasted at least a good year for me before it started breaking apart.

SinfulShine w/Gel Tech - Wisp & Devious: I wasn't happy with these polishes, and I honestly don't remember why, but I used a lot of them up when I made some polish ornaments. There's not much left so I'm just tossing them.

Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner: I love all the other Milani products that I own, but this was a HUGE fail for me. It never set, even when shadow was applied over it, and smudged like crazy. I don't know if it's just because I have oily lids, but this would crease or smudge all over the place.  I had to force myself to finish it off as much as I did & I'm finally throwing it out. I just can't deal with it anymore.

BBW Pocketbac - Donuts About You: This is from my stash of the old style hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works. I hate that they changed the design. This smelled ok, wasn't too happy once I finally opened it. I still have a few more to finish off.

Josie Maran Argan Oil: I'm really afraid to admit how long I've had this product. I got it in a set and gave it a try, but didn't like it. I felt like it made my oily skin even worse. I finished this off by putting it on the ends of my hair. I didn't notice a huge difference, but I finished it.

NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat: I've had this since before I knew about quick dry top coats. I haven't used it in a while & when going through my stash noticed that it was starting to yellow, so it's going in the trash.

Skindinavia Primer Spray & Finishing Spray: I like these, though they're not my absolute favorites. They do the job well. However there are more alternatives now, especially in the drugstore, that weren't available before.

OPI Avojuice - Jasmine: I know some people LOVE this, but I'm not that big of a fan.  There are way better, in my opinion, lotions out there that do just as good of a job for less money.

YES To Cucumbers & Blueberries Face Towelettes: I think I got these little travel packets from the BFF. I didn't find them irritating to my skin, but they barely removed any makeup. I also noticed that they dried out super fast, even when sealed correctly.

What make-up products are you loving lately?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Funky Fingers - Totally Buggin'

Hey y'all!  Today I have another one of the polishes Funky Fingers released sometime last year. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the collection, but I do know the names came from the movie Clueless.

funky fingers totally buggin review swatches clueless

This is 2 coats of Totally Buggin' with a top coat.

funky fingers totally buggin review swatches clueless
 Totally Buggin' is a coral-y-ish pink cream.

funky fingers totally buggin review swatches clueless
It's super bright and summery.

funky fingers totally buggin review swatches clueless

I think this needs to be my next pedicure color. :D

Friday, April 1, 2016

My Wedding Nails - I Got MARRIED

Hey y'all!  So if you couldn't tell by the title, and you don't follow me on Instagram, I recently got married. No, this isn't an April Fools joke. My husband(yes it still feels weird saying that, even months later) and I have been together for well over a decade & just said "why not already".

leopard print wedding nails

We decided to go simple, small, and non-traditional. Even better, it was mostly stress free.  I say mostly because a few days before I ended up breaking a nail on my right hand below the nail line & ended up changing my entire nail shape(which I'm LOVING BTW) rather than cutting all of them down. Not to mention various other things.

china glaze aquadelic zoya sia leopard print wedding nails

My dress was a simple sleeveless, knee-length comfortable one. It's a aqua, cobalt blue, cream, and black chevron (or zig zag) design that I picked up on sale, AND with a coupon, at JC Penney.  So instead of doing something like a french mani, I went with leopard print in the colors of the dress.

china glaze aquadelic zoya sia leopard print wedding nails

Finding the right shade, because I'm OCD that way, was time consuming, but I felt that China Glaze Aquadelic and Zoya Sia were the two that I needed(out of the 20+ I pulled out of my Helmers).

china glaze aquadelic zoya sia leopard print wedding nails

The design itself was pretty easy and didn't really take long at all.  And to tie the black on the dress, I used acrylic paint for the lines on the spots.

china glaze aquadelic zoya sia leopard wedding nails

We, as in the two of us and our son, were the only ones at the ceremony. We decided on simple bands as well.  Our "photographer", aka our son, only took 2 pictures with our cell, so this is what I took after the ceremony. The morning of, snow was threatening to shut everything down but thankfully it was minimal....though it was COLD wearing a short length dress and walking in under an umbrella so that my hair didn't get covered.

china glaze aquadelic zoya sia leopard wedding nails

Of course, the next day we went to get the certificate & I had to make a Starbucks stop on the way home to try the Molten Chocolate Latte.  It was AMAZEBALLZ.  I liked it way more than just the cafe mocha & definitely more than the Molten Chocolate Frappe (which my husband went to get me a few days later & ended up stuck in traffic).

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Recent Empties - Bath & Body Stuff

Hey y'all!  So today I have a few bath, body, and skincare product empties to share my thoughts on.  Lets get right to it.

empties review

Up & Up Women's Shave Gel:  This was just "meh".  It served its purpose.  It takes a lot for a shaving cream or gel to impress me though, so I can't hate on it too much.

Suave Creamy Tropical Coconut Body Wash:  Year round, coconut is one of my favorite scents.  Especially in the shower. This works just as great to me as some of the more expensive options at just a fraction of the cost.  In fact, I'm currently using another coconut scented body wash and I'm not in love with it like I am with this.

Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser Scrub & Olay Out Of This Swirled: I found Out Of This Swirled first and fell in love, then I had a difficult time finding it again so I switched to the blue one. NOW I'm not able to find either of them. I think it's because they both contained little spheres. Either way, these were so great for my skin. The spheres weren't uncomfortable or huge, it cleaned my skin perfectly and washed off cleanly.  I'm finishing up something a friend gave me now, and I'll be on the hunt for a replacement for these.

Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss:  The light cocoa butter scent, and lasting power of this are perfection for me. I prefer this over the other scent options but find it more difficult to locate.

Degree Motion Sense Invisible Solid: For me, this is just horrible. I can't even get through the day without feeling like its not working...and forget if I happen to do something to make me sweat. it does nothing for me, and IDK why I even try straying away from Secret. I think it's because I try to go the cheaper route then remember why I hate it so much.

Caress Love Forever Body Wash: I think this came in a Target Beauty Box. I know I see lots of people saying that it's their absolute favorite, but I just didn't feel that impressed by it. Didn't really love the scent either. Meh.

Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over: I discovered this around the same time as the face wash & instantly fell in love. It was perfect for my super oily skin, and didn't bother my skin either. Unfortunately, it's becoming just as difficult to find so I'm going to have to search for a substitute. :(

Clinique Spot Healing Gel: I'm honestly afraid to say how long this was sitting in my bathroom drawer. It's amazing, but there are drugstore options out there that are just as great. So glad I was able to get rid of this finally without feeling like I was throwing money away.

Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion: This felt like a thin lotion to me.  I don't even remember how I got this sample, but I wasn't impressed by it. I used this up by keeping it on my nail desk to moisturize between swatches. I will say a little did go a long way with this though, so it did take me a while to finish it up.

What's your favorite shower gel/body wash? Favorite scent?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Atlanta Nail Meetup - Springy Floral Nails & Haul

Hey y'all!  It's been about a year since the last Atlanta Nail Meetup & a few weeks ago we met for lunch and polish shopping.  Since then I've only purchased a few polishes, so I decided to splurge a little. And this year we had more ladies attend the fun! 

atlanta nail meetup haul

We met up for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant, swapped some polishes we wanted to destash, chatted, and had a blast.  Even better is that we're all polish addicts so we all had some beautiful mani's to share.  This is mine....

spring floral nails atlanta nail meetup haul

I kinda winged this & while I wasn't happy with it at first, I'm really starting to love it.  I got so many complements on it too, so I'm glad that I kept it instead of starting over.

spring floral nails atlanta nail meetup haul

The base is a gradient of Fresh Paint Guava and China Glaze Aquadelic (which is also the base on the accent nail). The stem of the flowers is Fresh Paint #Winning.  The flowers are Fresh Paint Honeydew with Color Club Not-So-Mellow Yellow in the center.

spring floral nails atlanta nail meetup haul
The dots on the accent nail are everything except #Winning.  I'm completely obsessed with peaches & aqua shades right now.  And Guava seems kinda washed out in these pictures, this mani is actually a bit more bright in person. 

After lunch we scooted over to a local nail supply store and had some fun. I could have done way more damage than I did, but some of the things I had on my list were out of stock. I actually had to keep reminding myself that I didn't NEED everything I was wanting to toss into my basket. Here's what I got...

spring floral nails atlanta nail meetup haul
  • Brushes - because they always come in handy to clean under your nails...and even better when hands get really dirty.
  • #14 Kolinsky brushes with a dotting tool on the end - The one I bought last year is still going strong as a clean-up brush and I thought it would be smart to get a few backups. SO much better, IMO than the $1 ELF brushes that seem to not even last through one use.
  • Polishes (L to R) - China Glaze Hot Flash, Color Club Wham! Pow!, Color Club Port-folio, China Glaze Bite Me, China Glaze Papa Don't Preach, China Glaze My Way Or The Highway

Even though I had some anxiety issues, and traffic was HORRIBLE on the way back, I had a blast.  No, seriously, it took me 50 minutes to get there and over 90 to get home. I'm excited to play with my new pretties & I can't wait for the next meetup. 


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